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Willmott Dixon is the country’s leading builder of schools and colleges.

In the past five years alone, we’ve delivered over 30,000 new school places. Inspiring buildings and achievement-focused designs – each delivered with cost certainty and on time delivery.

And we’ve taken this experience to create a better way to deliver your school.

Collida delivers exemplar net zero teaching environments.

Using a suite of digitally pre-designed standard rooms and common areas we can create countless configurations on even the most demanding site to deliver the school your community needs. From superblocks to finger blocks and everything in between.

DfE Output Specification compliant, quick to build, efficient to run and a joy to use.

Your school your way.

Net zero performance

Fully compliant with the DfE’s Net Zero requirements

Collida’s schools achieve Net Zero Carbon in Operation, as defined by the standards within the “Net Zero Carbon Buildings: A Framework Definition UK Green Building Council (UK GBC) Using EN15978”. Our calculations include regulated and unregulated energy use, following the CIBSE TM54 methodology.

Future proofed

Daylighting and overheating

Collida’s teaching spaces have passed testing for both overheating and climate based daylight modelling in all orientations. We comply with a 2°C global warming scenario, and our buildings are able to be adapted to overcome overheating against a 4°C global warming scenario without needing changes to the superstructure.

Flexible design

The only limit is your imagination

Collida schools are assembled from standard spaces created to aid design rather than stifle it. Our pre-authored rooms fit within a pre-defined grid system, allowing us to easily develop designs that respond to your school departments and adjacency relationships.

Intelligently designed

It’s all in the detail

Our façades allow for effective passive ventilation while minimising unwanted solar gains, maximising daylight availability, controlling external noise and providing a secure and thermally efficient barrier to the outside.

CLSS External View 006
CLSS External View 005
CLSS External View 004
CL9004 Fingerblock View 006
CL9004 Fingerblock View 005
CL9004 Fingerblock View 001
An aerial view of a large building
CL9004 Fingerblock View 003
CLSS External View 006
CL9004 Fingerblock View 002

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We can’t afford to be complacent. Our industry is rapidly changing.

Collida is here to help provide answers to that change. A joined-up, high-tech approach, backed by Willmott Dixon – one of the UK’s leading main contractors.

If you want to understand more about the benefits of a better way, we would love to hear from you.

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