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July 22, 2022 News


19% of UK’s total carbon emissions currently come from heating buildings, with residential properties accounting for the highest proportions of emissions at 77%. Given the current climate, the construction sector has a huge responsibility to support with decarbonising the grid and accomplishing net-zero goals by 2050.


At Collida, we are dedicated to integrating technology with modern methods of construction to deliver highly sustainable buildings that are fit not only for today, but also address future climate challenges. In support of this, we have successfully designed and assembled two residential prototypes in association with the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

Located at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford, these homes deliver new levels of performance from an operational and embodied carbon perspective whilst also addressing the cost of living crisis through substantially lower energy demand, and ensuring overheating and climate resilience through TM59 compliance. Together, they redefine social housing and provide evidence to encourage more communities to invest in highly sustainable properties.

Meeting Passivhaus Plus standards, and exceeding the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) benchmarks for carbon, their performance is significantly in excess of the Future Homes Standard due to be introduced in 2025 – avoiding the need for costly future retrofit. All delivered in just 15 weeks  through a fully non-combustible steel-framed form of construction, this approach saves time and labour on site with 40% less workforce demand compared to traditional construction projects.

In meeting Passivhaus standards, the homes benefit from improved air and daylight quality while incurring total energy bills as low as one pound a day.

One of the many progressive features of the homes is an innovative ‘HomeZero’ unit, developed by Monodraught to address Collida’s local authority feedback. These self-contained units are located external to the building, containing all of the home’s heating and ventilation equipment – allowing ongoing maintenance without having to enter the property.

At Collida we strive to raise the bar in sustainable construction and have invested at the BRE to showcase that high quality, low energy, sustainable homes can be achieved, whilst still ensuring affordability. We are now working with early adopted local authorities and registered providers to deliver this reality across UK communities.

Open for viewings from September 2022, please contact Raynee De Zoysa to arrange a visit –