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A better way

Configurable ‘kit of parts’ – coupled with a best in class supply chain, innovative digital solutions, and an optimised manufacturing and assembly approach.

Collida enables you to take full control in the design of your projects, whether using one of our existing solutions, or creating your own bespoke platform, design and configurations.

Whichever route you take, you’ll benefit from a fully digital-enabled approach that will save you significant time and cost, without compromise.

Build it simpler.
Build it smarter.
Build it sustainably.
Build it for your community.

Giving you greater control

A fully integrated platform

Say goodbye to redesigning things over and again by taking advantage of our pre-authored ‘kit of parts’ and our easy-to-use design configuration software. Fully aligned with the Construction Playbook, our approach embraces the benefits of standardisation, whilst providing total flexibility of design to renders cost, programme, carbon and life cycle costing in real time.

Designed around you

Whether we work with you to create your own bespoke design, or use our existing designs, you’ll benefit from our team of in-house sustainable design experts and specialist consultant partners to help create the right solution for you. Our fully optimised design process will not only save you significant time but reduce fees too.

Leading the way in sustainability

Sustainability no longer needs to be a nice to have. Achieve your sustainability aspirations without compromise, through simple, affordable designs that meet exemplar Net Zero, Passivhaus and Low Embodied Carbon standards.

A better way to deliver off-site

Our national manufacturing network covers both off-site and on-site components, from a range of technologies spanning the MMC Definition Framework. We adopt a ‘solution agnostic’ approach, assessing each option individually, to deliver high PMV solutions that offer you measurable time and cost savings against traditional methods.

Digitally immersive

Our digitally integrated platform provides you with the power to make faster, more informed choices, optimising your decision-making process in a frictionless and holistic way. We combine this with immersive technology to help you feel connected to the very best in buildings’ design, user experience and performance.

The right partners

A national approach, delivered locally; our manufacturing and assembly ecosystem assembles the perfect partners and suppliers to provide you with a fully scalable and flexible supply chain that delivers the benefits of aggregated procurement with local spend.

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We can’t afford to be complacent. Our industry is rapidly changing.

Collida is here to help provide answers to that change. A joined-up, high-tech approach, backed by Willmott Dixon – one of the UK’s leading main contractors.

If you want to understand more about the benefits of a better way, we would love to hear from you.

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